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While it is often believed that innovation occurs in spontaneous and unplanned moments, the truth is innovation is a force of habit. We need to train ourselves to think constantly, approaching old problems in new ways, and recognizing gaps that may not always be apparent. At EE, innovation is everybody’s job.

Our grassroots approach to innovation means it encourages everyone to stay focused on it all the time, rather than in between things. In fact, it is this unique approach to innovation that has made problem finding and solving second nature to us and has helped us set ourselves apart in the industry.


Can a business learn to look beyond the numbers? Can it use its profits to help others profit as well? Does taking giant strides mean having to leave others behind? These are some of the questions that led to the development of our sustainability policy. We believe that organisations need to focus on more than their 90-day rhythms, emphasizing instead on generating real value and impacting lives.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we invest heavily in research to find new ways of bringing about positive changes in our communities. A strong sense of social responsibility is an integral part of our value system. The interests of our employees, our business partners, our local communities, and the environment come ahead of our own; and we work in a manner that always supports their growth and well-being.

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